Garage Cost

Garage door repair and maintenance

All garage doors will suffer wear and tear over prolonged use. If you notice your door is hanging off centre, dropping suddenly during closure, or the automation is intermittent or not working altogether, we’ll visit your property to diagnose the problem, and service or repair your door. We carry spares for many common door types, so we can often fix your door there and then.

Garage Cost

Common garage door problems

The most common problems that occur with garage doors are:

  • Broken cables
  • Worn out or missing rollers
  • Broken spring
  • Loose rivets
  • Impaired motor or control system

A damaged garage door is a safety hazard as well as security risk. We offer a free of charge site survey and quotation for repairs.

Example repair job

  • Replace cones and cables
  • Full door service
  • Report sheet
  • 12 month guarantee

Total Cost = £95+VAT

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Full service

During your repair we will give your door a service to make sure it is performing at its best and you will get a written report once it’s done. Commercial doors should also be inspected periodically (at least annually, more frequently for those in heavy use).

While we carry spares for most common doors, sometimes we have to order parts in, we will do this as quickly as possible to avoid further inconvenience.

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